Kayaks and finders: the best finders for sit on tip fishing kayaks

Even in super specialized sports, there are always ways in which small details can turn a simple thing into a complex decision. Fishing is no different, and if you are thinking of this sport as simply sitting and waiting for the fishes to bite and reel them in, think again. The practice has changed quite a lot and it is much more dynamic than you may perceive, reason for which boat fishing has derived in kayak fishing as well. However, like we all know, we could use all the help we can get regardless of what kind of fishing we do. That is the reason why today we are going to look into the best fish finders for a very specific type of kayak, so keep reading if you want to learn more about it and perhaps make a more informed choice in the future.

What is a sit on top kayak and how is it different from other kayaks?

Kayaks are all, in essence, small boats for one person that vary in size and have no motor. Instead of being propelled by a gas-powered motor like other boats, kayaks rely entirely on human force to advance. People need to use a two-blade paddle to row and maneuver the kayak, something that is not easy at first but can be learned relatively quickly.

Generally, the stability of a kayak will depend upon the dimensions of the kayak. Smaller boats with a wider base will provide more stability to the person riding, and this also means that the rider is less prone to flipping during intense moments of activity like when a fish bites and they are trying to reel it in.

One other element that influences the stability of the kayak is the form factor, since there are two main categories of kayak according to this element: sit on top kayaks and sit inside kayaks. Sit inside kayaks provide better stability due to the inherent movement limitations of your legs, which go inside the boat and cannot move around that much. Even the best sit on top fishing kayak will give you less stability because your legs are free and can throw off your balance pretty quickly.

What kind of fish finder would work best for a sit on top kayak?

Due to their inherent limitations in terms of balance, you want to get a fish finder that is not too big or too heavy because it could further add to the instability of your kayak. The good thing about sit on top kayaks is that they usually have more surface compartments and places in which you can install the finder, so the boat won’t tilt due to the added weight.

Beyond that aspect, it is up to your preference what kind of finder you want to get. There are all sorts of fish finders and most would work on the sort of boat that you are looking into. If you are not sure what kind of fish finder to get for your kayak, check Fisherman’s Tips for clues on what is the best fish finder for your money.

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